Electrical Solutions is well placed to meet the requirements for all of your electrical needs. The company is registered with RECI (Register of Electrical Contractors in Ireland) and are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the installations of the company meet the required standard and that all the necessary test equipment used by the company is properly calibrated. The company provides installations in accordance with the requirements of the electrical regulations as issued by the Electrical Technical Council of Ireland ET101.

The company provides electrical installations, maintenance and repair across all sectors including small, medium and large companies. Electrical Solutions can provide annual inspections to ensure that the electrical installation is in compliance with the required standards, good practice and insurance requirements. The company can also provide thermal imaging of electrical distribution systems to ensure that there are no hot spots within the systems which have the potential to cause a major downtime of the installation and/or a fire.

To ensure compliance with Health & Safety requirements companies should have their portable appliances such as kettles, heaters, toasters, printers, computers etc. all tested annually to ensure that they are safe to operate by their staff.

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