Periodic Testing & Inspection

Fixed wire Testing

Regulation 89(b) of SI 299 of 2007, as amended by SI 732 of 2007 applies to the workplace and requires that an employer shall ensure that existing electrical installations be tested by a competent person from time to time (periodically), that a report be completed and that all defects found during the testing and inspection be rectified promptly so as to prevent danger. 
The ETCI Rules, Chapter 62 covers the requirements to ensure employers adhere to the above regulation:

The following test are carried out:

  • Characteristics of supply at origin of the installation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Continuity test of protective conductor
  • Continuity test of ring Circuit
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Polarity check
  • Earth fault loop impedance test
  • Prospective short circuit currents
  • Operation of Residual current devices

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections: 

- Commercial Installations - 5 years.
- Industrial Installations - 3 years.
- Buildings open to the public - 1 year.
- External Installations - 3 years.
- Caravan Parks - 1 year.
- Fire Alarms - 1 year.
- Short Term Installations - 3 months.
- Site Installations - 3 months.

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