Thermal Imaging Testing

Surveys of electrical systems can expose faults such as poor connections, overloaded circuits and imbalanced load. Alternating current often loosens connections which in turn causes breakdowns & possibly electrical fires. Thermal Image inspection and monitoring of electrical installations identify faulty electrical components that begin to deteriorate as soon as they are installed. Whatever the loading of a circuit, vibration, fatigue and age cause the loosening of electrical connections, while environmental conditions can hasten their corroding. Briefly stated all electrical connections will, over time, follow a path towards failure.

If not found and repaired, then these failing connections will lead to faults. Fortunately a loose or corroded connection increases resistance at the connection and this increased resistance causes an increase in heat. Electrical Thermal Imaging will detect this developing fault before it fails. Detecting and correcting failing connections before a fault occurs will prevent fires & unplanned loss of electrical supply, which in turn will prevent loss of earnings. Thermal Imaging provides a quick and efficient method of finding electrical and mechanical components that are operating above their correct temperature.

  • We can perform thermal imaging on your electrical distribution boards and switch gear.
  • The thermal camera will detect heat known as hot spots and show early warning signs of electrical components that are at risk of failure.
  • A completed detailed report showing thermal image photographs and containing accurate temperature readings.
  • We will also give advice and recommendations on any repairs as required.
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